How a simple device change a novice mother's life ?


Everyone is encountering an unique and difficult situation in 2020. Covid-19 pandemic, economic depression, politics issue, these are happening in our life, and also that is strongly bonded with us. Most of the countries and city are taking action as lockdown in order to control the spread of pandemic, since this is a harsh condition for everybody in all around the world. Most of the people are forced to stay at home, work at home and further study at home. This means that we have to spend all the time in home, I am sure that would be very bored. Therefore, in order to kill time, most of the people will find something to do and enjoy in that. As a novice mom like me, it will be very busy and some kind like fretful for taking care a new born. Furthermore, I was without any experience on taking care a newly born child, somehow it will be a challenge for me. Everyone is try to enjoy on something that they really love, so am I. I love bake, but it would takes more time in kitchen, so my baby will be neglected, it is very dangerous to leave baby alone. Many accidents that related to leaving baby alone were reported, hence it makes me be vigilant when I was trying to enjoy on baking. 
        Fortunately, we are living in an era that are demand-supply balanced, there are many infant products in market to fulfil mother's demand. I was managed to turn up with a devices called baby monitor. This brings me a lot of convenience, and I was able to enjoy baking. Baby monitor is a device that could place along with newborn, some kind like a camera that used for watching baby. It could remind me the breast feeding time, in addition environment temperature detection will helps baby to stay in a comfortable surroundings. 
       Besides, this device not only gives me more time to bake, and also efficiently provides more sleeping time for either me or my husband. Both of us no longer required to stay all night beside our child, we set the device beside our child once he is crying, there will be reminder for us. Therefore it is very convenient and helpful for us, I believe it will be the same for every mother. 

In conclusion, in my perspective we are in the best times and also the worst time in 2020. Baby monitor is such a device provide me assistance, and make my family feel blessed. 

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